• If you go into a restaurant and it serves a specific food from a specific country do you expect the workers to be of that region? Like a Mexican restaurant would you expect it to have some some Mexican people working there? And I am not talking about a Taco Bell but a Mexican Restaurant. Or a Chinese would you not expect it to have workers from that nation working or running it?

    If you went into a Cajun place what would you expect?

    We went into a place that was supposed to be Cajun and the place was all staffed by Asian workers. From the manager to all of the wait staff. There was one white waitress. When we ordered we had to show the guy on the menu what we wanted. We ordered beers and the guy had to go get another menu with pictures of the beer and point out which one we wanted.

    The meal was less than average and the prices were higher than average

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  • There are so many scams in trading, I hate it.

    • It is a big problem, because a lot of people stop trading because of scams
      • “There are so many methods to scam money from trading. I was also thinking of starting to scam cryptocurrency from other people, but I am too scared that I will get problems, so I would rather make money on cryptocurrency by trading. I have downloaded a MetaTrader 4 app for mac, which helps me a lot. I am not having as much revenue from it as I want. Still, I am educating myself on everything in trading and trying new strategies at least every month so that I can compare them from my experience and not from someone else’s opinion.
      • Looking to hear from anyone that bought a JD S240 lawn tractor. Pro’s/Con’s, etc.

        • It is a good lawn tractor, and the price it is worth it
          • John Deere lawn mowers are expensive, but at least you will know they are efficient, durable, and qualitative. I have a big yard, so I had to buy a good lawn mower. https://jscustomlandscaping.com designed it, so they recommended buying a John Deere lawn mower to take care of it. I think it is a very good lawn mower, and most importantly, it cuts the grass very well. I am glad I bought it because I don’t think I could cut so much grass with another lawn mower, which is smaller and worse at cutting the lawn.
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